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Browser or Buyer -Beware!

Where did I come from Mommy?

Hey Internet, I’m suing you for child support.

I recently discovered, while looking into my sweet little puppy’s eyes, that nearly every part of my life comes from the Internet. I wanted a puppy, so I went on Craigslist. I needed a car, I did all my research online. I wanted to date, so I went on a dating site… and ended up pregnant shortly thereafter. And don’t’ tell me that it’s my own fault, I should have controlled myself, blah blah blah. J is pretty damn fine, okay? If you could buy some 6’3″  country charm with gorgeous dimples and dreamy eyes you’d probably go for it too, especially if it was free and was for some reason shopping for a short little nerd like you… But I digress.

Alcohol has its own sign… why not the Internet?

Internet, you should come with a warning! I mean, if they have to put a warning on condom boxes that they aren’t 100% effective in preventing pregnancy, they should really put a warning on the Interwebs that using the Interwebs can lead to pregnancy. I bet a child is born every day because warning signs don’t exist for the Internet.

I love to tell J that I bought him off the Internet, if you can call getting him for free “buying”. It’s an endless source of entertainment for me. If he’s being a bit of an a-hole, I just mumble under my breath, “Well, I guess you get what you pay for.” He didn’t like that one the first time I said it, but I thought it was pretty hilarious.

So really, if you think about it, if I “bought” J off the Internet, in a way, I was Internet inseminated. Apparently it happened to some other poor unwitting creature too. I found evidence of it on none other than the Internet, which, by the way, is where I also get the answers to all of my questions.

The Internet has no place in my panties… unless it has gorgeous dimples, of course. *swoon*

I bought this off the Internet to be worn during all browsing activities. Practice safe surfing!


Customers vs. Employees: Can’t we just all get along?

Brought to you by:  Fish Out of Water, Nicolas Cage, Kitties and procrastination.

This post is inspired by the latest post by Fish Out of Water over at Sincerely, Slapdash (click to read) which got me thinking about my days working retail. Yes, I agree with the assessment of rude retail workers. There are many. However, reading about rude retail workers also incited some rage against the customer in me, left over from those good ol’ days. You see, I was one of those friendly retail workers (which is saying a lot for someone as shy as me). I’ve been told many times by friends that I’m a totally different person when I work customer service. I loved joking around with people. I once sold a membership card to someone by telling him that he was ruining my life and I was going to cry if he didn’t buy it. Obviously I was kidding, but hey, it worked.

I’ve had customers that were so rude that the fake smile came right off my face despite the fact that I’d drawn it on with permanent marker.

So here’s a tip that both customers and employees can follow: TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WISH TO BE TREATED!

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I sound like your mother for a second there? Please remember that there are human beings standing on either side of the desk. Well, most of the time. Other times you might be serving Nicolas Cage.

As pointed out in the Slapdash post, it is rude to chew gum/avoid eye contact/not smile/speak in a foreign language to your co-workers while ringing through a transaction. Actually, most retail establishments have rules about all of these things and if none of the employees abide by them, its more a sign of poor management than anything else. Ever heard the saying “Happy wife, happy life”? Same goes here. When you spend more time at work than at home with family, if conditions are poor then attitudes are bound to be as well. Let me tell you, I’ve had my fair share of monster mangers (I don’t use the word ‘hate’ lightly, and I hated these people). That being said, there are some pretty rude behaviours on the part of customers that come up quite frequently, so without further adieu, here is my list of atrocities committed against me by the general public while on the job:

1. Hang up your damn cell phone, or at least put the person on hold.

As a cashier I longed for a sign like this… but NOPE! The geniuses at corporate thought it was too rude to have a sign telling customers to “Line up here” (which resulted in all sorts of chaos, customer infighting, and name calling… the cash desk at this particular job was rectangular for heaven’s sake!), so you can imagine what they might have thought if we’d written and posted something like this. These are the same lovely corporate geniuses that think it’s too unfriendly to put mirrors up in blind corners to deter theft, and then wonder why losses keep mounting… um… DUH.

But I digress. The absolute worst is when you have a customer on a cell phone that doesn’t acknowledge your existence, throws the purchase down and hands you a $20 bill for a $50 purchase. You try to get their attention to point out their error, but they are far too engrossed in conversation, so finally you give up and just  stand there. After a few minutes go by, the customer finally says into the phone, “Hun, could you excuse me for a second? The idiot cashier is taking 2 hours to ring through my one item purchase” and then turns to you, “What the hell is taking so long!?” They don’t even apologize when you politely point out their error and the fact that you’ve been desperately trying to get their attention for the last five minutes at least. What planet are you on!?

2. If you think that someone who gets paid $10/hr (if they’re lucky), is obligated to approach every single customer they see in order to ask if they need help and has to disappear to clean human feces from cubicle walls every 30 minutes, is a suitable baby-sitter then by all means, leave your child unattended. But I must warn you:

Yes, I will chase your child and its new kitten when he or she runs out into the mall and risk my job all because that cellphone call or Anya’s botched nose job are more important than, you know, making sure your offspring are safe… but I will hate you for every second of it. Oh, and I may call Children’s Aid.

3. Yes, I do realize that you are very busy and important, and that I (with my 6 years of higher education, struggling to find gainful employment in this shit economy) am vastly inferior since I merely ring through books at a cash desk, or make your coffee all day; however, I did not wake up this morning trying to ruin your life. I am not your wife, mother, shitty boss, boyfriend, or a-hole co-worker, so whatever happened to you during your day, please, do not take it out on me. I just work here. I did not put milk in your espresso macchiato (which you would know if you’d just feel the weight of the cup instead of shrieking at top volume that you SAW ME COMMIT THE TERRIBLE CRIME). I did not put the restrictions on that coupon you have that expired 5 years ago. I also am not responsible for the difference between American and Canadian pricing and I don’t have time to give you a lesson in economics… besides, who am I to teach you anything? I must be stupid and uneducated. I work retail. Duh. I forgot. But seriously, there’s only so much I can take while trying to keep this smile on my face!

4. If my computer breaks down you may only offer “helpful” advice if you are being kind and understanding. If you’re going to treat me like an idiot, even though I stand here for 40 hours per week and have to deal with this on a daily basis, just walk away. I’d rather lose your business. Yes, I have to call the help desk and no, I can’t just press ctrl+alt+del. But if I could I’d ctrl+alt+del your face. True story.

It’s too bad I’m not working retail right now. I probably wouldn’t even try to suck it up and be nice to the rude people. I’m too pregnant and that is just too hard. Nah, I’d probably just blast laser beams at them from my eyes, roar, and then use them to curb my insatiable preggosaurus appetite.

Okay. Enough of this 1,000+ word rant. I wanted this to be funny but I think it may be too soon and the bitterness is seeping through. But maybe you enjoyed the kitties? Stay tuned for a future post about horrible bosses and why they made me want to flee the country/gouge my eyes out/go postal and then flee the country… or something less dramatic like walking out on the job while remembering that there is much more to life than retail (which is what actually happened).

About the Belly: 29 Weeks

If you haven’t heard of Ze Frank, please go watch this: NOW!

I have had this song stuck in my head for awhile now… why? Because if Baby H continues his current rate of growth until my next midwife appointment they are going to send me for more ultrasounds to find out what is going on. He is a BIG baby. There is also the possibility that I just have a huge uterus though. Who knows. It would be fitting if I had a big uterus to match my fat head. C’mon. We all know I’m (mostly) awesome.

I’m taking a break from my hiatus to write an about the belly update. Also, I’m procrastinating. Hey, I have to put one of my degrees to use, and a degree in procrastination is much more practical than a degree in human geography. Also, I have my doctorate in procrastination, while I’m just an (almost) master of human geography. The former is definitely more employable. I can help you shirk all kinds of responsibility! You know where to find me.

I’m lying a bit. I actually have time to do this because I was hella productive yesterday. I think the nesting instinct is kicking in. I was awakened at 5am by another doggie disaster and after scrubbing vomit out of the carpet for an hour (if/when I get the opportunity to design my own house there will be NO CARPET! For heaven’s sake, it’s such a disgusting concept… and can you believe that in some countries it’s normal to have carpet in your BATHROOM!? *shudder*) I couldn’t fall back to sleep so I went to my office (a.k.a. the kitchen table) and somehow pumped out a 30 slide Powerpoint presentation on my thesis, complete with pictures (it’s only a 20 minute presentation though, so I’m going to have to cut back… dammit). I then proceeded to clean out our nuclear fridge.

I sincerely wish I’d had one of these masks

I just couldn’t take it anymore! And there was no food in the house, nor could I bring more in knowing what was in there (or not knowing… I think this used to be pasta, but now it’s black, white and green so…). I’m not a tidy person, but I do feel the need to state that I have not lived in this house for the last two months and therefore am not responsible for this nuclear disaster… although living in a close enough radius I’ve still had to deal with the fallout. Le sigh.

I’m rambling. Time for a mini belly update (not much has changed in the last two weeks).

Oh, except that Baby H got really huge and put my midwife on alert. As I already mentioned, the next two weeks will tell if I need more ultrasounds. I’m sure everything is fine though. Big babies run in my fam jam.

Medical stuffs: Still measuring three weeks ahead, although its closer to four right now which is why we’ll be paying close attention from now on. Also, I failed my gestational diabetes (GD) screening. Sigh. This means I had to go back to the lab for the more extensive test. I swear, I’ve had so many needles stuck into me in the last week that people are going to think I’m a very bad mother. I’d wear long sleeves if it weren’t 109863489q7569487 degrees outside again this weekend.

For the GD tests they make you fast (a terribly cruel thing to do to any pregnant woman, fyi) for 12 hours. They take your fasting blood and then make you drink this nasty concoction that tastes like flat orange crush, but sweeter, that left me with a horrible burning sensation in my throat. Then you have to sit and wait for an hour for the screening, or two hours for the actual test. Then they take your blood again after an hour (and again once more for the 2 hour). We’ll see… GD could explain the giant nature of my belly, but then again my midwife really doesn’t think I look like I have GD at all since I’m all belly.



1. Weight gain: I weight 10,000lbs. Ok, I’m exaggerating. But I am up 35lbs. No wonder I can’t get up when I sit down on the floor. I have to stop doing that! I had a really embarrassing moment a couple of weeks ago when I crouched down on the sidewalk to fix the dog’s collar and couldn’t get up again for 5 minutes. No one offered to help either and I was on a really busy street. Evil people.

2. Homicidal rage: And speaking of evil people, I have no patience for them. If one more person cuts in front of me in line I may commit homicide. Seriously, who does that to a pregnant woman!? Rude.

3. Nesting: Look what J and I did yesterday!

Ok. I’m off to make breakfast. I have to get this baby dancing because we’re off for a 3D ultrasound in 2.5 hours. I have mixed feelings about this because on the one hand, if we get a good shot we’ll actually have a pretty good idea of what he looks like! On the other hand, I don’t know if I want to know what he looks like until he makes his debut. If he looks more like a baby and less like this guy, I’ll let you know!

“This Guy”

I’m Dying… or something less serious

Dear people that are kind enough to read my blog,

Please forgive my absence. Several things have happened in the last week to prevent me from updating.

  1. I am one week away from defending my masters thesis… so I’m pretty much paralyzed with fear.
  2. My dog developed an infection and that has required me to follow her around the house with sanitizing products (I’ll leave the rest of that to your imagination)
  3. I caught the plague. Seriously. I’m disgusting. I just walked into my mom’s living room in my underwear, pregnant belly leading the way, tissues literally shoved up my nose and sang “I’m Sexy and I Know It” for her. She was entertained. Unfortunately, I’m not brave enough to do that video post for you, but I thought I’d describe it in case you’ve been missing me. Now you can picture it if you like.

I just wanted to inform you that if I survive the plague, and having to defend two and a half years of my life and funding dollars to a bunch of academics, I’ll be back. Until then, happy reading elsewhere… or check out my old blog if you like (CLICK HERE). On it you will find pictures like this:

If you don’t see what’s wrong with this, I can’t help you.

The scariest thing about this picture is that almost all hits to that blog are from people doing Google Image searches for “Grade 11 Labeled Picture of the Heart”… I’m ruining young minds.

You will also find photos of me that are très sexy, like this one:

I am Cindy Crawford’s body double

I apologize in advance if you thought even for one second that I was normal.

And now, I’m going to pass out. The children’s Tylenol is beginning to wear off (it tastes like bubble gum though, so I always look forward to more… ew?).


I now have an overwhelming urge to watch Office Space

Well, it’s Monday, and if that didn’t suck enough to begin with, my Sunday was a Sunday to rival all Mondays… and then some.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I’m a sensitive soul to begin with, and pregnancy is seriously doing a number on my brain. Saturday night began amazingly, with J coming home from work (yup, emergency job on a Saturday. Le poop.), hands full of groceries and surprising me by telling me he was making me dinner. He also brought home a bag full of peaches because I had mentioned that this was my most recent craving. He also restocked the freezer with ice cream. Basically, he was wonderful. We then cuddled up in bed and watched a very unromantic movie, which for some reason put me in the mood. Well, it had nothing to do with the movie. It was simply the fact that pregnancy has had one of two effects on me:

  1. Sex has never been a more repulsive thought. If you try to touch me, I will be forced to kill you, or at least deliver a very serious blow below the belt in order to stave off further advances. Both of those actions are frowned upon, so I suggest you just don’t try.
  2. I want it. All the time. Wherever, whenever, however. I suspect that this is a combo of the hormones (carrying a boy pumps testosterone into your body, FYI ladies) and the fact that I need validation that I am, in fact, still sexy despite the 30lb weight gain and the massive soccer ball that insists on protruding from my middle and making some types of intimacy impossible.

This was a clear case of scenario 2 being in full force. J was already half asleep and once he’s gone he’s gone. Rationally, I know this. Irrationally, I took this as a slight and fell asleep crying. I woke up a kajillion times during the night due to horrible heartburn and pain in my back and sides every time I tried to roll over in my sleep; yet somehow, when Sunday morning rolled around, I got up bright eyed and bushy tailed. I then proceeded to make a huge breakfast (bacon, pancakes, strawberries… YUM!) which I triumphantly presented to J… who triumphantly ate the meal with much gratitude, but then immediately went back to bed. Curses. Scenario 2 was still playing out full force in my brain. I got really cranky and restless and basically ended up crying, packing the dog into my car, and leaving the house.

I cried the whole way to my mother’s place, where I deposited the dog, and then met a friend for lunch. As I was describing my actions to her, I became more and more aware of how crazy I sounded (it is now very obvious to me why Jenny McCarthy wrote a chapter entitled Psycho Chick (Hormonal Rage) in her book Belly Laughs and Vicky Iovine wrote about ‘pregnancy insanity’ in The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy). It became especially apparent when I told her that he’d brought me peaches, and I suddenly burst out with, “and I just left… without even eating any of those beautiful peaches”, tears pooling in my eyes. Wow. So yeah, J got a nice big apology phone call (which he took very well), and I picked up the dog and drove home.

Poor munchkin

At this point, I had a terrible headache, but at least I was happy because I realized my insanity was just temporary. We were then invited to J’s parents’ for dinner. Normally, we bring the dog, but as you may recall, she just had surgery and can’t be around other dogs/must be kept calm for the next two weeks. The vet had told me to keep her isolated in one room (since she was acting all nuts like nothing ever happened and he was afraid she would tear her stitches and put a damper on the healing process), so we figured it was no big deal to lock her in the bathroom. After all, she is kennel trained and used to being alone for up to four hours at a time. We took her outside to do her business first of course. Failure to do so would just be negligent! So, out she went, into the bathroom she went, and off we went for a home cooked meal.

And then we returned home to Disastertown.

Despite my best efforts, and despite the fact that this has NEVER EVER happened before, I returned home to a very wiggly puppy, and:

I almost lost my shit. Okay, horrible pun, but I did almost lose my dinner. I have never ever ever seen a mess like that in my life. First thing, I threw her in the bathtub. Would have been easy to deal with if she didn’t have stitches that can’t get wet, but instead I had to spot wash her… no easy task with a wiggly puppy who is just so excited to see you and wants to be up in your face at all times (ew ew ew dog… EW!). I then threw her outside (okay, didn’t throw, but I may have envisioned punting her out the back door à la Jack Black in Anchorman) and ran back upstairs before J could discover the mess. You see, he has a horribly weak stomach and then I would have been cleaning up after him too. I then scrubbed the floor with Mr. Clean, a Swiffer Wet Jet, and Clorox. I don’t think the bathroom has ever been so clean… but just so you get the picture, I also had to throw out everything in the tub (all my shampoos and soaps, loofa etc) as well as the shower curtains.

As if this weren’t bad enough, my head was pounding even more by the time I was done and I really really really needed a shower… Well, wouldn’t you know that I can’t run a hot washing machine and take a hot shower at the same time. Dammit. I hadn’t even considered this when I threw all the dirty wash cloths and towels into the washing machine and hit the ‘hot’ button. I never wash anything on hot, but I just had to in this case! Without the sterilizing properties of hot water, I considered scrubbing my skin with Clorox, but figured I probably wouldn’t function well for the rest of my life without skin. I opted for good ol’ Old Spice instead. I needed something powerful. Something that would smell clean so that I wouldn’t think about what I’d just been forced to touch. I then got out of the shower smelling like J when he gets out of the shower, which usually  makes me weak in the knees, but guess what!? Despite my two day obsession with scenario two, that was the last thing on my mind. I crawled into bed, J wrapped his arms around me, and I fell asleep as Baby H kicked away.

So Monday, whatever you have in store, I think I can handle it. Booyahkasha!

About the Bump: The Third Trimester Begins

Goodbye honeymoon, hello pain! 

Maybe it’s true that a lot of women love the second trimester just because they feel relief at the end of the first. Let’s face it, for most of us the first trimester sucks (btw, I will never understand how some women just don’t know they are pregnant! It’s amazing how different we are. I knew even before my missed period… I’ll spare you all the fabulous details/symptoms that clued me in, but there was no mistaking it), but I thoroughly enjoyed my 2nd trimester. It’s when all the cool stuff starts happening. Baby actually looks like a baby via ultrasound, rather than a squiggly mass. You get to feel his or her first movements. Also exciting is the transformation from “Has she put on a few pounds?” to “Oh my, you are obviously pregnant now!”

The most amazing part for me was seeing J change. I wrote a post early on (before anyone read this blog really) called “Differences of Opinion” where I talked about our different reactions to the pregnancy. Beneath the initial excitement that J exhibited, I could feel a lot of uncertainty. After all, he wasn’t ravenous and pukey at the same time. He wasn’t falling asleep from sheer exhaustion every day by 3pm. Oh wait… he does that every chance he gets. But you know what I mean. All he had was a pee stick with that second pink line for proof (and my, was ours ever dark pink…). The physical connection just wasn’t there. Now that Baby H has very obviously turned turned his sexy girlfriend into a sexy mama (my body definitely looks like a mama’s these days), now that he can see those changes taking place in my body, now that Baby H responds to his voice and even kicked him in the face  the other day, I think he gets it. He’s a Daddy. Sure, there could be another freakout sometime before baby gets here; heck, maybe I’ll have one of my very own! After all, 10 weeks from now, were I to go into labour, the baby would already be considered full-term. 10 weeks is nothing! NOTHING! Freakouts aside, I think we’re both feeling the excitement now, and it’s just awesome.

And now, without further ado, I give you details about the bump:

Medical stuffs: Well, we’re measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule. I may have to apologize to all the people I threatened to kill for commenting on my largess. I still, however, do NOT look like I’m about to drop a kid. Give me a break people. Three weeks ahead at this point is just 30 weeks, not 40. Slow down please. I go for my glucose test next week and I’m a little scared that sugar might be the culprit for his hugeness. Strangely, I don’t look like I’ve massively expanded, just the baby bump. We’re currently debating a 3D ultrasound so that we can see his little face (not to mention get another peek at his stuff, just to make sure that he’s without a doubt a he), but I don’t know if I really want to.

Cravings: Nothing major at the moment, although I did finally find Liberté’s coconut mediterranean yogurt at Longos and I ate the whole tub in a day. That stuff just tastes like summertime. Ahhhhh-mazing.

Symptoms: Still continuing my love affair with tums…

1. I’ll have what he’s having… and what she’s having… and what they’re having… and oh, that looks good too. I’ll try some of that. Yeah, don’t invite me over. I will eat the entire contents of your fridge. And cupboards. And pantry. And that secret cookie stash? I’ll find it with my super preggo nose. Trust me. Keep your distance. Or come over and relieve me of some of my food for my own good! Yesterday for breakfast I had a massive bowl of granola with milk, bananas, peaches, blueberries, raspberries and almonds. Then for second breakfast I had a two egg omelette. Several lunch and dinners later, I was in bed with heartburn cursing my lack of control.

2. Somewhere along the line I lost my right ankle. Yup, it’s gone. Also on my right side, my thumb ring suddenly fits much better on my ring finger. And by ‘better’, I mean it fits over my knuckle. On my thumb it now would hang out somewhere around the middle of my nail.

3. Baby H is rocking my belly. Not only am I feeling him, I am seeing him! He’s getting stronger, which makes sense since this week muscle development begins to accelerate and brain activity picks up. This makes for more coordinated and powerful movements.

4. More dreams, my favourite of which was the one about my thesis defense (coming up on August 30th!). Instead of the research and writing that I’ve been working so hard at for the last two years, I got up there for my defense and presented an in depth critique of the Lord of the Rings movies (which I’m not even a huge fan of), complete with three hours of video clips. I got cut off right after the clips were done because I’d gone overtime. I’d barely said anything. Well, not only did I pass, but they absolutely loved it. If only it were so easy…

5. I can’t sleep through the night at all anymore. I’m having so much pelvic pain that even rolling over is excruciating. And guess what? I’m only getting bigger. Le sigh. 2nd trimester, I already miss you.

BUT, I wouldn’t go backwards for the world. In 10-14 weeks I will be meeting my baby boy. I couldn’t be happier.

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Well, after that miserable post I wrote last night, you can imagine my surprise when I awoke to a notification that Girl Diaries has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. After a week where I have felt less than inspired, it’s nice to know that someone out there (and hopefully more than one someone!) finds me inspiring.

To be honest (see, I’m not actually a liar) I hadn’t discovered Girl Diaries yet, but I have taken a look through some of her posts now. She’s a student and aspiring writer and photographer with a love and passion for poetry. Her blog is very personal. It takes guts to put your thoughts out there like a diary, so kudos to Girl Diaries. I hope your dreams come true :) Her blog can be found here:

So here are the rules of this award:

  1. Display the Nomination logo on your blog
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you
  3. State 7 things about yourself
  4. Nominate 15 others and link to them
  5. Notify those bloggers of the nominations & award requirement

1 and 2 are taken care of, so here are seven things about me:

  1. I’m a little bit crazy, but to meet me you’d never know it… however if you’ve discovered my old blog, you know it.
  2. I love to travel. So far I’ve made it to various countries in Europe, Asia and South America. I hope to make it to Australia and New Zealand soon.
  3. My travel aspirations may have to be put on hold, since I’m expecting a baby. Baby + backpacking around the world = not really compatible. Resort vacations for the foreseeable future perhaps?
  4. I have a dog and a parrot and both of them are completely neurotic. I blame myself. I’m pretty neurotic too!
  5. A car once drove through my motel room wall and hit my bed… I slept through it. This is a true story. Ask my brother.
  6. As a child I aspired to be an Olympic swimmer (amongst other dreams), but I was far too shy to take any kind of extra-curricular classes.
  7. I have a PhD in procrastination. I’m so good at it.

I can’t nominate 15 blogs yet, to be fair. I migrated to WordPress from Blogger and I’ve only recently begun to discover the wonderful and supportive community that WordPress is. Blogger really isn’t so interactive and I can’t stress enough what a wonderful tool WordPress is for writers. There are five blogs that I read consistently and that I can truly say are inspiring. I’m sure this list will grow. Since being Freshly Pressed my readership has quadrupled and through your discovery of me, I am slowly (being in the final throes of thesis completion I don’t have a ton of time for reading yet… just wait til September though!) discovering more and more wonderful authors, and perhaps can add to this list over time. Without further ado, here are my nominations: Peaches over at alateralplunge is nothing if not versatile. Her early posts are a chronicling of her and her husbands lives as they begin to try to conceive their first child. Being preggers, I love to read other pregnancy and TTC blogs; however, alaterplunge is much more than that. In addition to embarking on the motherhood journey, Peaches likes to write about things that make her happy, things that piss her off, and everything in between. She was Freshly Pressed a couple of weeks ago for a post about making those “like” button clicks count. The response to that post was amazing! A very good read. Like mine, Katy’s body has also recently been inhabited by a small perfect parasite. She’s chronicling her pregnancy journey, and I get very excited every time she updates. As wonderful as creating a life is, pregnancy is hard! It’s hard on your mind, it’s hard on your body, and although Katy is not exempt to this rule she takes pregnancy symptoms in stride and manages to make them funny. Now that’s inspiring! This single mama hasn’t updated in a bit, but I hope she will keep writing. As you may have gathered, this blog began as the story of her unexpected pregnancy. Naturally, being in the throes of my own unexpected pregnancy, I got sucked in and read this blog start to finish over a period of three days. Through the highs and lows of pregnancy and a confusing relationship with the father of her baby, this anonymous blogger has managed to keep her head above water, using blogging as an outlet. Through it all you can feel her strength and her desire to do what’s best for her son is clear. Baby A sure did luck out in the mama department! Dilovely is a human being I know in real life. Not well, but sometimes I feel like I do. Her blog is a window into a lovely soul (you know, since you can’t see her eyes through the internet). She’s the mama of an earth baby, an angel baby and a baby on the way, as well as a teacher and musician. She writes both as a Mama and as a Normal Girl and her writing will draw you in. She’ll make you laugh and she’ll make you cry. Sometimes heartbreaking, always inspirational. This strong mama is well worth the read. Don’t come here for a read, come here for the view :) This is a the photoblog of a dear friend of mine. I am inspired by her drive to engage with the things she loves, especially her recent venture into photography. After completing a BA and ending up, like so many of us, in a job that has absolutely nothing to do with her field of study, Miss. Johnsen decided to pursue her passion and go back to college for photography. She took some early maternity photos of me, and will be photographing J and I in October for some nice big belly shots. Hopefully I can convince her to try newborn photography once Baby H makes his debut.

As I said, I am still discovering new blogs but haven’t read much start to finish yet. I am consistently impressed and humbled by the talent I stumble upon in the blogosphere.

So, thanks to Girl Diaries once more. I’m happy to pay it forward and perhaps brighten someone else’s day as you have brightened mine.

In conclusion, here is a cute picture of my puppy:

Yup. Pretty much sums it all up.