About the Belly

I’m writing this post to satisfy the requests of some of my far away readers. This hasn’t been one of those typical pregnancy blogs where I give updates about the pregnancy, weight gains, foods craved, symptoms experienced and, the ever so anticipated belly shots. So fine! You win… here’s some über personal information and a hell of a lot of skin!

This is a little 22.5wks collage I made for you:

Yup. I’m horrified. I can’t see my feet or my lady parts anymore. Everyone has their opinion. The comments run the gamut from “Oh what a cute little baby belly” to “Oh my goodness, you’re HUGE”! Remember back when I said I look like a whale with a moustache? That’s still how I feel, but I am always comforted when people say the contrary. Well, it is what it is, whatever it is.

Here are some weekly photos so you can see how baby H has been growing! He’s like a little weed…

7 Weeks

13 Weeks

15 Weeks

18 Weeks

Here’s my 22wk (almost 23 now! I’ve been composing this for 3 days) über personal list of things that are happening to my body:

Weight gain: 10 lbs (although I think it’s more because I’m pretty sure I gained at least 5 before my first midwife appointment at 7 weeks).

Cravings: Ice cream… I SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM! But only Haagen-Dazs Cookie Dough Dynamo or Caramel Cone Explosion… none of this generic crap. Oh. And Oreo ice cream sandwiches. And Mrs. Whyte’s pickles (NO OTHER BRAND IS GOOD ENOUGH!). Yup, typical. Pickles and ice cream, but not together!


1. Charley horses galore in both legs! The first time it happened it was just in my left leg. I was at my mother’s and I woke up screaming and she came running because I think she was worried something was horribly wrong. The second time was my right leg and I took it much better and suffered in silence. The third time happened in my sleep again, and this time in both legs at once. Here is my rendering of the event:


J: Waking up, sleepily, “What’s wrong?”


J: “Point your toes”

ME: “WRONG WAY! WRONG WAY!” (you’re supposed to pull your toes towards your knees, fyi)

J: “Do you want to walk it off?”


J: Goes back to sleep.

Apparently I have a flair for the dramatic. Oh, and I lied. J did massage my calves before passing out again (how sweet of him at 5 on a Sunday morning!).

2. Pregnancy brain: I suspect that, like me, many ladies have pretty panties that they just don’t risk wearing around that time of the month. Well, the other day I put on a pair and then thought to myself, “Oh wait. Do I want to wear these? I haven’t had my period in awhile. Shouldn’t I be getting it any minute?” Oh… yeah…

I also forgot where I was driving to three times while on the way there the other night. It’s maddening.

3. It’s not just the belly that’s growing. My feet are a size bigger and my rings are getting quite tight. Wow.

4. Emotional much? I cried because I saw a funeral procession today.

5. Heartburn! Ew. I’m eating Tums like they’re going out of style (but not above the recommended dose for pregnant ladies, don’t worry. I’m super paranoid about what I put in my body when it comes to medication).

Really truly, the 2nd trimester is wonderful. Finding out baby H is a boy has changed so much for us. I know some people really want the surprise, but we are just so in love with the thought of a little boy. I talk to him every day. I wonder what he will be like, what he’ll look like -if he’ll look like my family or just like his daddy (who was an adorable, mischievous looking child, btw). I dream about what it will feel like to finally hold him in my arms… and if I’m feeling sappy enough, I cry about it! I can’t believe there’s a little life in there, even though I feel him every day, some more than others. Yesterday I had my computer leaning against my legs and it slid down so a corner of it was pressing in on my belly. He kicked it! And I mean kicked it. It moved.

This is getting too emotional. I have to go now. Or I will cry.

P.S. J is mad about the pic I posted the other day representing his parenting style. He says I’m not funny. I disagree. I think I’m hilarious.


4 responses to “About the Belly

  1. i looooooove you big belly shots! amazing!

  2. Those ARE some awesome belly shots – looks like you have a big boy in there! Remember: the sign of true hugeness is when your navel pops out. :D (I totally craved dairy with my boys, but this is the first pregnancy I’ve been really excited about pickles. And pregnancy brain… if anyone thought it was a myth… ALL TOO REAL. Boo.)

    • I don’t even like dairy! But right now I can’t get enough. I’m even drinking milk, which I’ve never liked. I had a dream that it was poisonous when I was about 6 and have had a hard time drinking it my whole life! So funny how baby takes over.

      I give my belly button 3 weeks, tops, if he keeps growing at this rate! If my mama’s babies are any indication, he is going to be huge (I was her smallest at 8lbs 3oz… by the time number 4 came along he was 12lbs).

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